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A glimpse into the WOW

maaliskuu 18, 2016

Gastro Pro seminar by Haaga-Helia provided a deep dive to world of WOW.

First speakers Prof Xander Lub & Goeff Maree from NHTV Breda UAS led the audience out of the box.

Dare to go outside of the box

“If you want to find new ideas, you can’t follow the old norms” they underlined. They presented a memorable example of a budget hotel which dares to be different with a success: Hans Brinker hotel in Amsterdam breaks totally the rules of hospitality with it’s customer promise “The worst hotel in the world”: the customer makes his own bed and warns it’s customers that they are not allowed to complain about bad service.

Maybe not the most desirable image for a company but definitely unique and memorable!

How to make money with WOW

Mr Kalle Ruuskanen greeted the audience with interesting topic “How to make money with wow”. He highlighted that the hunger to succeed need to be bigger that fear to loose.

He listed three elements for creating wow: surroundings, product and service. The the most valuable assets he raised the people and adviced to hire for attitude, not for skills or knowledge.

“The person need to have an unique twinkle in the eye and 24/7 attitude”

To earn with WOW Kalle advised to consider

  1. What is the philosophy behind your business? Why are you doing it?
  2. What differentiates your place from the others? What makes you unique? What is your story?
  3. What is you promise to the customer? Convert your story into a customer promise and  put it into practice every day.
  4. Where do you stand in the market? Is your position in the luxury sector or in everyday business or somewhere in between? Find your level and price your services for that segment.
  5. What is the relevance of your business? Is there something for anyone? Don’t fall in love with your own ideas but think from the customers point of view – is it relevant for him/her?

And for the last but not least: Your hunger to success need to be bigger that fear to fail!

Creating Innovative Service Concepts

American hospitality and design experts Ron Swidler and Matt Phillips told their recipe to creating Innovative Service Concepts.

Everything starts with deep dive: trend tracking, market and brand analysis but the most important guest profiling: getting insight of the customer and mapping his journey , piece by piece.

Second step is inspiration. They suggested to follow the principle of LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman:

“if you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late”

Swidler and Phillips presented cases from Tide, Marriott, Paramount, Apple. They urged to get inspired from ideas from other fields and transfer some features into your own business.

Third phase in creating service concepts is prototyping: test and learn from the feedback.

For creating WOW you need to remember that attributes Change and Comfortable doesn’t fit in the same sentence. So you need to step out of the comfort zone.

Agility is the new smart”

Text: Elisa Aunola. Based on presentations in Gastro Pro seminar in Helsinki Fair Center on March 17th, 2016.

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