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Service Design offers tools for developing your services in customer-oriented way

maaliskuu 7, 2016

teemumoilanen-webService business is future business. Companies in traditional industries are little by little changing their functions from delivering products to delivering services. Services are more unique, include more value to customer and are less price-sensitive.

30 % of the companies’ income will consist of services (or products) that doesn’t exist today. Therefore it is very important that companies invest in developing future services. Service Design is a modern and customer-oriented way to develop services. Principal lecturer Teemu Moilanen delivered a lecture about service design in Hospitality Insiders Club Estonia’s event in Tallinn Zoo in February.

Understand your customer first!

Usually service development starts from the company’s point of view: how customers journey works in our premises. Very rarely is taken in consideration what has already happened in customer’s life before he/she entered our door.

For a customer our service is only a small part of his/her life, but too often we assume on their behalf what they need and why they came to us. For example a customer entering a café might mostly need charging his/her phone or go to toilet and the coffee is only “necessary evil”.

To serve your customers you need to understand them. If you succeed in being empathic, seeing their lives and needs as they see it, you are close to succeed. Usually proper tools are needed to gather deeper customer understanding. Service Design offers valuable tools for that.

What is Service Design

To get an overall view about service design, see this simple and short video clip

What is Service Design? from Yosef Shuman on Vimeo.

Process of service design

Service design can be used for innovating new service concepts, improving existing services and customer experience, and for gaining customer understanding. The biggest difference between traditional service development and modern service design is that generating the idea happens only after understanding the customer. We need to research, observe and define the customer needs. People are not able to tell everything so we need to use other methods too.

Levels of understanding can be:

  • vocal: what people tell
  • silent: what they do
  • hidden: what people feel and dream of, what are their experiences and values.

Service Design process is

  • future oriented – predicting user needs
  • multidisciplinary – using knowledge from many industries
  • holistic entities– all channels from customers perspective equal one experience
  • iterative – going back and forth
  • prototypes – mock-ups just to test how would it feel
  • service is abstract so planning needs to be visual

If you wish to learn more about service design

Join Teemu’s short course in Tallinn in March-April, 2016: https://youtu.be/5zhrIajdIXA

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Contact Elisa Aunola and ask about open courses and tailor-made trainings: elisa.aunola@haaga-helia.fi

Text Elisa Aunola, based on Teemu Moilanen’s presentation in Hospitality Insiders Club meeting in Tallinn Zoo 16.2.2016