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The cycle of Change Management

huhtikuu 20, 2016

Managing any business demands skills to manage change. Change can’t be seen as a project but a process or a cycle that is constantly running.

My colleague, lecturer Pekka Lampi presented The Eight Step Cycle by John Kotter for managing change at the Hospitality Insiders Club meeting on April 19th. It is a distinct step-by-step model of the procedure. While presenting the model, Pekka made the audience, 35 hospitality professionals from Finland and Estonia, realize that these steps are often automatically followed without being aware of it.


Basically the process can start anywhere but let’s start it from the reason for change– creating a sense of urgency. People need to understand why the change is needed. If the need comes from customers it seems to be easier to accept.

No manager can do the change alone. You need the people to drive the change. Take people with you – Build a coalition, a managing team. Find the people who can work with you as change agents. Make sure your team is multi-sectoral, and has the skills and will to guide the organization through the process of change.

Build a vision – Shape the vision to help steer the change effort. Develop strategic initiatives to achieve it. Create reachable goals. Describe how the future differs from today. Collect people’s trust by communicating and empowering people. Make sure everyone understands and accepts the vision.

Enable action by removing barriers that might endanger the change. The barriers can be physical things, challenging people, systems or structures, bureaucracy or legislation. Get rid of the obstacles that pose threats to the achievement of the vision.

Generate short-term wins by setting goals between the revision. Recognize when you achieved the short-term goals. Celebrate wins and give small rewards to the people who have been enabling the change. Create visible success stories already at early stages of the process.

Sustain acceleration by making the best of the momentum. Hire, promote and develop employees who can implement the vision; reinvigorate the process with new projects, themes and volunteers. Consolidate gains and produce more changes.

Institutionalize change – don’t give up. “We have always done it this way” needs to be left in the history.

Text: Elisa Aunola. Based on Pekka Lampi’s presentation in Hospitality Insiders Club meeting in MS Finlandia 19.4.2016.

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