Participate in a global study

Finnish participation in Global Alternative Workplace Benchmark Study needed

We are delighted to announce that the New Ways of Working (http://www.newwow.net/) will be conducting an Alternative Workplace Benchmark Study again this year. This study follows a previous study in 2008 of thirty-two Fortune 500 companies in the US, Finland and Germany representing more than 1.5 million employees. This year?s study will again provide an overview of the state of alternative workplace programs, covering available alternative workplaces, distribution of alternative work categories, supporting equipment and services, business drivers, managing business unit, performance metrics, realized benefits, and barriers. This year’s study also includes a special section on how organizations are using alternative workplace solutions to deal with the current economic downturn. Your participation is valued, even if your company doesn’t have a flexible work program at this time; it is also appreciated if you participate even if you did not participate last year. The results will be summarized and shared with the participating companies.

Your company can participate free of charge. This is possible with the help of financial contributions from Tekes the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, Smart Technologies Inc., the industry leader in group collaboration tools, and, and in-kind consulting support from Haworth, a global leader in the design and manufacture of office furniture and workspaces.

The anticipated launch date will be in late September when you will find a link on Tekes Tori website (https://tekes.dicole.net/) directing you to the web-based survey. Please forward this announcement to others who might be interested to participate in the study. If you have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact the Finnish members of the research team: Suvi Nenonen ( suvi.nenonen@tkk.fi ) or Nils Gersberg ( nils.gersberg@tkk.f i ).