• encourages specialists to collaborate across different industries and sectors

• facilitates the creation of new service innovations in companies from service industries.

SILAB‘s goal is to facilitate transfer of knowledge from a specialist to another specialist from one industry to another. This website has been created to support this goal. SILAB encourages professionals to participate in different events, meetings and discussions on the platform.

How do I use SILAB?

1) On the ABOUT SILAB page you can get to know SILAB and its background and partners.

2) On the SHARE&CREATE page you can register to SILAB and browse through different events and various added material (such as reports).

3) After you have registered to SILAB, you can add material and events on SHARE&CREATE by pressing the plus button next to the links on the left.

4) By adding different keywords (“interests”)  to your profile, you will get information about different events and materials related to your keywords.

5) On the EVENTS page you will find different events calendars from different organisations.